Simple Tips to Feel Better Inside

Whether you’re trying to improve your overall health or just trying to reduce how sluggish you’ve been feeling lately, you might struggle to sift out the good advice from the myths. A lot of what we read hypes up expensive detox teas, crazy crash diets and wholly detrimental practices. When you’re trying to feel better inside, this is the last thing you need. Keep in mind these tried and tested methods of getting your mojo back.


  1. Drink lots of water.

Boring, I know. We’ve all heard time and time again that the best way for us to feel our best is to hydrate ourselves. That’s because it’s true. It can be tough to remember to drink enough water so whenever possible, perhaps at night, try to fill up several water bottles and keep them in the refrigerator so you wake up to plenty of cooled H20. If you’re not a massive fan of water, try infusing it with some chopped fruits like lemons and strawberries.


  1. Don’t take the superfood hype too seriously.

It’d be wonderful if a wheatgrass shot and some dried goji berries could improve general wellbeing and ward off serious illnesses, but sadly the evidence to suggest it is capable of such are lacking somewhat. Rather, it seems that many of the claims of miraculous effects were most likely spouted by big players of the food and nutrition industry. Superfoods are generally good to incorporate into your diet, but no reason to fork out an exceptional amount of cash and certainly no reason to abandon a healthy balanced diet. Many feel they can counteract their poor eating habits with small quantities of so-called superfoods, don’t fall into this trap – it’ll only make you feel worse in the long run.


  1. Sleep well.

The importance of a good night’s rest is widely known, but for some it can be quite difficult to get the rest we crave all day long. Obviously, avoid caffeine where possible, especially after lunch time. If you really do want a coffee at 4pm, try using decaf alternatives. If you can’t get any shut-eye because your mind it too pre-occupied worrying about the days and weeks ahead, try keeping a notebook on your bedside table to jot down your thoughts. Writing things down will stop you running around the same thoughts endlessly. Meditation and mindfulness exercises should also aid a healthy sleep. When you lose a considerable amount of sleep midweek with your manic, it might be tempting to play catch up with some sneaky lie-ins on the weekend. Unfortunately, this will probably do you more harm than good. Binge sleeping will ruin your routine, and probably make you feel sleepier throughout the week when you’re trying to concentrate. Try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern and don’t limit your midweek sleep with hopes of making up for it over the weekend.

Originally posted 2018-07-31 16:06:45.

Published by: Maisy G

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