There are lots of things you may want to get in touch with me about, for example you may want a bit of advice about decorating your house or you are just dipping your toe into the world of makeup and want some guidance on where to start and what you should be looking for. I am open to all forms of communication and am always ready to open my mind to share the wealth of experience I have in many different areas.

Then again, you may want to share your own tips with me if you think there is something I am missing or something you think I can do better! Constructive criticism can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow, but I think it’s essential to grow and improve in your life. So hit me with it! (but not too hard!)

Whatever the reason is you want to get in touch, it couldn’t be easier to speak to me! All you have to do is email me at or fill in the form below to send a message straight to my inbox. If you’ve taken the time to read through my site and find out a little bit more about me, you’ll know that I work full time as a real estate agent so I’m a very busy woman! With that being said, I do still check all my emails every night and strive to respond to each and every one of them in a timely manner. It may take a day or so but you WILL get a reply from me!

A Community of Like Minded People

Sun Hair is a safe space for anyone and everyone and I work hard to try and make everyone feel welcome here while providing genuinely useful and valuable resources for anyone who finds their way onto my little blog.

I really like to encourage engagement and conversation as, not only does it help spread the word about my blog and help it grow into a go-to source for information, it also is a way to build a community of people who encourage each other, support each other and share tips and tricks for making life that little bit easier day-to-day.

So comment on the blogs, send me messages, share my posts! It all helps towards making Sun Hair become one of the biggest blogs on the internet!

Enquiries About Guest Posting

I am now accepting guest posts to help me keep Sun Hair updated with fresh content on a more regular basis and you can message me about it to find out a little bit more about how you can do so. There are various ways you can be involved in the running of Sun Hair including advertisement options, sponsorship and sponsored posts. Please check my contributor page for more details on how this can be done.

If you’re a budding writer and want to get some of your work out there, this could be a really great opportunity for you and it really benefits me too!