4 Ways Your Cleaning Habits Can Affect Your Health

Most people probably know that they should do a deep clean in their house at least a few times a year, and yet many people don’t realize exactly why. Keeping your house clean isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. Failing to keep up with cleaning can endanger your health.   


Believe it or not, research proves that failing to clean your house can not only lead to depression but even lead to pest infestation, which can seriously affect your health. If you’re ready to find out how your cleaning habits can affect your well-being, take a look at some of the things you’re doing that could be hurting you. 


Not Replacing Sponges 


Have you ever noticed that a sponge that you’ve been using for a while starts to take on a certain odor? The smell that you’re smelling is actually a result of all of the bacteria that’s been building up. You’d be surprised to find that your sponge that you believe to be clean could actually be harboring millions of microbes that could be harmful to your health. 


The solution? Switch your sponge out more often! If you’re not a big fan of throwing things away, the next best thing is to microwave your wet sponge for a minute or place it in the dishwasher. Replacing it is ideal, but these methods can get rid of a certain amount of bacteria. 


Not Dusting 


Dust isn’t just something that looks bad on your furniture. It’s actually layers and layers of particles that could be harmful to breathe in. In fact, people who never dust have been found to be more susceptible to cancer. Wiping off dust alone isn’t enough. It’s important that you take a wet cloth and remove the dust then rinse down the sink.   


In addition to dusting surfaces, you should also run your vacuum cleaner through the house at least twice a week. Breathing in all of those dust particles won’t just flare up your allergies, but it can even be toxic. Furthermore, not vacuuming regularly could cause small pests and bugs to build up on your surfaces. No one likes to think of their home having an infestation problem, but sometimes the only option is to contact a company that offers pest control sacramento way, or wherever you might be. These companies will efficiently eliminate any unwanted visitors.


Failing to Wash Clothes 


A lot of people may consider wearing their clothes another two or three times as long as it doesn’t have any stains or weird orders. However, whether you realize it or not, you’re releasing sweat all day long. Wearing clothing over and over again can make you vulnerable to bacteria. It’s important that you clean your clothing regularly.  


Letting Clutter Build 


Sometimes a little clutter is a part of life. However, when it starts to get to the point where you’re not sure what’s in the midst of the clutter anymore, you may be bordering hoarding. Declutter at least a few times a month to make sure that you have a healthier environment.