5 Essentials For a Perfect Summer Barbecue

As the summertime approaches, the more that barbecues start to sound appealing.  Attending barbecues are fun, yet hosting them can be even more fun! You get to decide on the theme and who gets to come.

In order to make sure it’s the perfect barbecue, however, it’s essential to make sure that all of the right elements are in place.  If you’re hoping to plan a barbecue this summer and want it to be epic, take a look at some of the most important things you’ll need.

A Pool

If your current home doesn’t have a pool, then you may want to consider finding one that does!  A summer barbecue isn’t complete with a grill alone.  You need to have a pool to splash into to cool off!

If an underground pool is out of the question, then consider an above ground pool. Having something for people to get into even to wade in is better than nothing!  If kids are attending, then a pool is a must!

Outdoor Seating

The idea of a barbecue is to host the entire event outside.  You don’t want your guests going in and out of the house. Therefore, plenty of seating is essential to offer your guests.

A patio set is ideal since it’s comfortable and padded.  Otherwise, foldable chairs will do. Some people may be ok sitting on the ground, so feel free to put a few pillows or blankets on the grass as well.


It’s not a party until there are tunes.  It’s essential that you hook up an outdoor sound system so that your guests are put in the barbecue spirit You may want to consider creating a playlist beforehand which you can put on shuffle.  

Having a set playlist is much easier than letting everyone fiddle with the sound system.  When too many people get involved trying to choose songs, it can get a little chaotic.

Fire Pit

When the sun sets, and you’re in evening mode, a fire pit is just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it make for great ambiance, but if it gets chilly, the fire will keep you and your guests warm.

You may even want to try out making s’mores! What better of a dessert than this summertime classic to create around the outdoor fireplace?


You’ll need to have somewhere to put all of the drinks in order to keep them icy and cold.  Make sure that you have at least two coolers outside for alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you have an outdoor refrigerator, great!  However, a cooler requires much less energy and is just as effective!  Just make sure that you don’t forget to buy plenty of ice!