Carboxytherapy: Your Best Choice to Improve Hair Growth

Hair loss is a significant problem suffered by both men and women as they grow older. Heredity is one of the crucial factors of hair loss. It has been shifted from one generation to another. Once you’re born with this problem, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.


However, as technology continues to progress, experts find a way to slow the harmful effect of hair loss. Using various hair loss treatments available today, such as the solutions for men available at online pharmacies like, we can reduce the impact of hair loss.


Today, we’re going to introduce carboxytherapy, the expert solution in solving hair loss. Later, we will discuss the positive benefits it can bring to our life.

What is Carboxytherapy?


Carboxytherapy, also known as Carbon dioxide therapy, is a non-surgical hair treatment that improves blood circulation and skin elasticity.


This process originated in France 80 years ago. It was being used as bathing stuff wherein carbon dioxide-rich thermal water allowed the wounds to heal quicker.


Today, Carboxytherapy embraces technology and has been used in both cosmetic and medical applications. The treatment is widely used to reduce hair thinning. Also, it stimulates hair growth, as well as the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, hair loss.


How Does It Work?


Hair loss may arise due to genetics, stress, or illnesses. However, Carboxytherapy can solve all of these problems. That’s because it is proven helpful to regenerate hair follicles. 


Carboxytherapy uses tiny injections with carbon dioxide gas. The CO2 gas was filled to the surface of your scalp. It helps to boost oxygenated red blood cells to the area where there’s an excess carbon dioxide. 


This oxygenated red blood cells function is to regenerate hair follicles. It also improves collagen and protein in the hair follicle area. Once the collagen protein improves, it will increase hair growth.


Benefits of Carboxytherapy to Hair


There are many excellent benefits of using carboxytherapy on our hair. It includes: 



  • Increase Blood Circulation



Once the CO2 is injected into your scalp, it will increase the blood cycle significantly, going to your hair follicles. Once the blood flows properly to your hair roots, it will improve hair growth. As a result, it will result in healthy and thicker hair.



  • Can Yield Faster Result



Patients will see faster hair growth results within the first three months when using carboxytherapy.



  • No Major Surgical Treatments Required



One advantage of using a carboxytherapy is that it doesn’t require any major surgery. It will only need a small needle and a CO2 chemical to complete the job.


Who Are Qualified To Undergo This Hair Treatment?


  • People Who Experience Early Stage of Hair Loss



Carboxytherapy works best if you’re having an early stage of hair loss. It allows you to prevent hair loss and maintain a youthful look as you grow older.



  • If You Experience Receding Hairlines



Carboxytherapy also works best on receding hairlines. Most of the results begin to show up within three months after the treatment.


Take Away


Carboxytherapy is one of the best non-surgical hair treatments available today. It offers you very compelling results to retain competent and healthy hair.


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