How printed paper bags add to your product offering

The products that you market to customers are essential in keeping turn over high and profit healthy. However, the way in which you deliver those products is also very important.

Printed paper bags are a great way to spread brand awareness whilst also giving your customers an item that they can reuse and get more enjoyment out of in the future. It is similar to how businesses utilize custom product packaging services of companies like Epic Packaging to improve their marketing and branding. Anyway, here are some tips on how you can fully harness your printed bags to maximise customer engagement.

Include a ‘fashionable’ design that will appeal to many different customers

Getting the design right on your printed paper bags is a crucial step in order to develop an item your customers will reuse in the future. Try to use a design that incorporates popular colour schemes and patterns to broaden its appeal in the market.

We also recommend keeping the design consistent with your broader business branding so it is clear where your customers have got their fantastic new printed paper bag from.

Make sure you let customers know that printed paper bags are recyclable

Research suggests that customers care more about the health of the Earth than they ever use to, and harnessing green products is essential if you want to remain competitive. Include a bold ‘recycled’ logo on your bag and make the environmental virtues of your printed paper bag plain for your clients to see.

One way that you could make the bag stand out is through incorporating the recycling information into the print design on the bag. This gives you the opportunity to get creative and express a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

If you offer luxury, make sure your printed paper bags mirror this

When a product buys a product from you, they expect a certain level of quality; and if they have paid a premium for a luxury product the service that goes along with it needs to match the product. Keep this in mind when selecting the paper bag for your business, if you are tapping into the higher end of the market having a strong printed paper bag with a matte finish could be a good way to go.

Diversify the printed paper bag with ribbons, decorative strings, or stickers

One of the ways you can create a ‘luxury‘ printed paper bag is by including a ribbon of a different material. This will help add an extra dimension to the printed bag. Plus, it will make the bag more aesthetically pleasing to potential customers. However, ribbons are not the only decorative objects that can be used to make the bags look aesthetically beautiful. There is other stuff too! For instance, you can consider adding some custom-designed sticker labels that can make it appear vintage yet funky, so that it appeals to both the old-schoolers and Gen Z.

Have a look online for manufactures who create designs that ‘pop’

Bold designs on printed paper bags are a great way to grab people’s attention and improve the branding of your business. To make sure you create paper bags that are popular with consumers, have a look online for manufacturers whose designs stand out from the crowd.