How to make your printed mailing boxes stand out on social media

It is no secret that people love receiving a parcel, but what do we love even more than receiving a parcel? Receiving a parcel in some funky high quality packaging! Printed mailing boxes are a great easy way of enhancing the customer’s experience when buying from your brand.

Not only is it nice for your customer to receive their order in a beautiful printed box branded to your business, if done right it could be posted on social media where it runs the chance of being seen by a huge audience!

Why care about social media

Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a customer who does not use a single social media platform, whether that be for communication with friends and family, posting life updates or promoting their own business. Therefore deciding not to have a social media strategy for your printed packaging could mean that you are really missing out on reaching a large number of potential customers.

A big part of social media is sharing images and videos of visually appealing content, by making your packaging aesthetically pleasing, people are more likely to share it for others to see. Taking the time to design a high quality printed mailing box from a reputable business is really important.

Creating a buzz on social media 

Make a business account

First of all, if you haven’t already then you need to set up a business profile for all the social  media platforms that your potential customers are using. This is going to depend on a lot of factors e.g. age, location etc so make sure you take detailed target market research to find the platforms that your customers are using the most. Having business social accounts means that customers can tag your business when they post pictures/videos making it easier for other people to find your company. 

Behind the scenes

A great way to introduce your new printed mailing boxes to your social media audience is behind the scenes pictures and videos. Many people are unaware of the operational side of business functions so this could be an interesting way of showing them.  A video of packages being put together ready for customer delivery with a focus on the new packaging is a good way to show your customers what happens when they place their own order.


There are two ways of approaching this idea, firstly you could send relevant influencers a package from your business in your new printed mailing bags and request that they do an unboxing video in return for the gift and credit your business. If you don’t have the budget for this, then encouraging customers to share an unboxing video on their new parcels and tagging your business is another way to get free advertising on social media.


Make sure you have a hashtag that you encourage people to add to their social media posts regarding your business parcels. Not only will this create a digital space where people can see a collection of pictures and videos of your new business printed mailing boxes, but it will also make it easy for you to find posts relating to your business and respond. Starting conversations and responding to customers will help to improve your relationship and help to build trust. 

This guide should help to get your printed mailing boxes and other branded packaging to stand out on social media, the first step is getting a high quality printed mailing box designed that people will want to share on social media and the rest should follow!