What is a serviced apartment?

The modern world has brought with it a lot of different innovations ranging from technical new inventions to reimagined purposes for old conventions. The serviced apartment is an example of such an innovation.

Serviced apartments are apartments, both large and small that come with either some form of catered service such as cooking and cleaning and they can also support self-catered aspects such as kitchens. Usually, they employ the best cleaning service available so that you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Also, they only clean when you’re out so you don’t feel disruptions. The freedom with luxury is unparalleled.

So, why do people book serviced apartments? Well in many cases they offer better value for money for those travelling in larger parties and they can also offer more room than standard hotels and guest rooms. This is one of the reasons why they are favourites for those looking for good long-term business trip accommodation.

You can find different serviced apartments for different uses, some will be tailored towards the professional market whilst others will be better for those looking for a holiday. The wide variety of locations in which serviced apartments are offered also means that you have plenty of diversity in terms of options.

What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel?

One of the main questions that people have when it comes to serviced apartments is how they differ from hotels. The main difference is the product on offer. Most serviced apartments will as the name suggests offer full apartments for travellers whilst hotels will typically offer one room with the relevant toilet facilities.

Hotels tend to be the more traditional options and many travellers still prefer staying in them whilst others are a bit more adventurous and want to see what serviced apartments are all about.

Benefits of serviced apartments

The great benefit of serviced apartments is the fact that they offer much better value than hotels over a longer timeframe. You can book serviced apartments for longer time periods. As mentioned, the wide variety of serviced apartments on offer also means you can pick and chose the right location for you. In a serviced apartment, you may be able to enjoy greater privacy with almost the same amenities as a resort or hotel. Lounge spaces with an open bar or a Beer Wall to have a few drinks and some fun; swimming pools to enjoy your laps or just to relax; spas with saunas for much-needed massages and a place to unwind; and much more can be found in luxury serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are also very flexible when it comes to the length of stay. Many will be happy to offer shorter 1-2 month contracts whilst others will happily offer longer contracts to those looking for a more permanent domicile.

When you are booking a serviced apartment make sure you measure the benefits of each option available to you. This will increase the chances of you getting a serviced apartment that will truly meet your needs and help you enjoy a good stay.