What separates serviced apartments from other types of accommodation?

When looking at Bristol based accommodation, there is a bevy of options for you to look at. From AirBnb to hotels, bedsits to short term rentals, there is a type of accommodation out there for everyone. But in our opinion, serviced apartments are a cut above the rest. They have recently grown in popularity, but you may not know what makes it different from any other form of accommodation.

What makes serviced apartments different?

Long story short, a serviced apartment is just that. It is an apartment complete with furniture and amenities such as pots and pans, where you can stay for a week-long holiday or a half-year as you settle into a new area and look for more permanent housing. Accommodations similar to these undergo thorough cleaning with the help of the best-in-market-cleaning firms who offer a range of services like commercial floor cleaning services in Pickering, ON (or in other locations), window and door sanitization, and roof tidying.

Serviced apartments grant you versatility

Hotels provide you with some things, but serviced apartments will often take it to another level. Things such as cooking utensils means that you are easily able to cater for yourself without worrying about bringing your own pots and pans. Another thing is having free and unlimited WIFI usage, rather than the problem of restrictions and paying per hour or per day like you might have to at a hotel or hostel. These provisions allow you to be more versatile than if you were staying in a hotel.

More than just a bed and four walls

Hotels can be brilliant for a relaxing stay, and offer you a slice of luxury; but if you are sticking to a smaller budget, a hotel room can often be just a bed and four white walls. A serviced apartment can end up being a similar price and providing you with so much more.

Most serviced apartments provide a kitchen, which is a godsend. If you are staying in the apartment, you are free to make a decision between cooking for yourself and going out somewhere to eat, rather than doing one or the other by default. Most serviced apartments will have a kitchen comprehensively provided with a hob, an oven, and general kitchenware to allow you to fulfill your culinary aspirations.

Aside from a kitchen, a serviced apartment can also offer comfort and a clean stay. Serviced apartment managers usually take the help of Indianapolis maid services (if that’s where the apartment is located), or from a similar cleaning firm that can provide thorough cleaning to keep the apartment looking spotless and fresh for guests.

Serviced apartments also offer more individual spaces than hotel rooms. This makes it a good choice for those who will be spending more time inside eg. you are on a trip with bad weather and just want to relax on the sofa and watch a few films, or you are on a work trip and want to get work done away from your bedside. Eating at a proper dining table in a spacious and bright room is a much more enjoyable experience than eating in a hotel.

It is difficult to explain the ways in which serviced apartments are different to your run of the mill hotel or Airbnb, because in all honesty every serviced apartment is unique, so one can’t be too prescriptive. However, the points stated above will largely hold true across all serviced apartments on offer.