What to Do in Ibiza

Enjoy a horse-riding gallop along some of Ibiza’s finest beaches as you sit down to watch the sunsets. Outside San Antonio and Ibiza, a truly beautiful island awaits you. Traveling around the islands in Ibiza is easy enough, so if you want to explore another little place, check out Formentera for a day trip. There are many things to do on this island, including guided tour of the rich history or exploring the area on your own.

In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy views of the stunning beaches and beautiful wildlife of this enchanting island. After visiting several times, we came to find some epic gems and some of the best things to do in Ibiza that will give you a completely different island experience. With stunning natural beauty, beautiful coastline and many charming villages worth exploring, Ibiza has so much more to offer, and Ibiza has many non-partying activities to do.

Despite its reputation as a die-hard party-goer, Ibiza is an amazingly diverse island to explore, which not only offers a beautiful coastline dotted with stunning beaches and hidden caves, but also offers a lot of personality and charm through its villages, people, and other attractions. … Historic Dalt Vila, Ibiza town, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear ocean and wonderful wildlife – Ibiza has a vacation of a lifetime. Walking Ibiza offers everything from sunset walks to family hikes and epic four-day island tours.

You will see parts of the coast that are off the beaten track; For example, an excursion from Cala San Vicente will take you along an ancient pilgrimage route to the Tanit Cave, the site of an ancient Phoenician-Punic cult some 2,500 years ago. Many mountain bike trails will take you to lesser-known areas of the island, where you will find secluded coves and white beaches. All trails are well signposted and Ibiza’s cross-country hikes are a way to truly experience the beauty of nature.

Visitors have postcard-perfect beaches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ibiza’s old town of Dalt Vila, and traditional whitewashed villages to explore in the tranquil setting of the island. Wherever you go, you’ll be one step away from one of the island’s 15 famous Blue Flag beaches.

Check out some of the best must-see spots on your Ibiza vacation. Be sure to take your camera with you on this trip when you are looking for the best to see in Ibiza. Don’t forget to visit the Dalt Vila area, Ibiza Cathedral and the magnificent castle. You and your friends can tour the old town by bike with local Ibiza guides and see beautiful architecture such as the Seven Shafts.

If you are looking for a good base from which to plan what to see and do in Ibiza, be sure to book your stay in an Ibiza villa. A great location in Bou Bay, which not only puts you on the doorstep of all that the island offers, but also allows you to unwind between each event.