Why you need to add accessories to your paper bags for them to be competitive

Paper bags have come back into fashion in recent years with customers now demanding products that are stylish as well as good for the environment. However, this new demand has led to inevitable market saturation which means there are now a lot of average and poor quality paper bags out there.

As a means of staying competitive, many businesses are now offering different accessories alongside their paper bags. Here is why you need to start offering paper bag accessories like ribbon and string to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Ribbon can add an extra dimension to your high-quality paper bags

When you are designing bespoke drink and gift bags for your business it can be difficult to create a unique feel with a print design alone. This is where the ribbon comes in. Picking paper bag ribbon that is styled in the same way as the rest of the bag adds an interesting extra feature over a normal handle. The ribbon could also be used in a more decorative way. Wrapping it in a bow on the side of a paper bag is a way you can make the design of the bag more three dimensional. Try and pick a colour and finish that matches the rest of the bag.


String differentiates your handle from other paper bags

The handle is one of the most important components when it comes to the structure of a paper bag; however many companies overlook it as a means of changing up their design. Going for a string handle gives the bag more character and some say adds to the overall bag strength. The string can also work well with a variety of different designs on your paper bag. These are just two of the different accessories that can make your paper bag appear extra special.


A diverse product offering makes you attractive to customers

Whilst offering accessories for your paper bags is good for consumers, it is also good for your business’s bottom line. Research suggests that offering a wide range of different products is a great way of increasing the visits for your physical and online stores.


Go with a company that can supply different paper bag accessories

As shown having a diverse product offering is a good indicator to consumers that you are a company that knows what they are doing. Leading on from this, if you are a retailer looking to create different and interesting products for the customer, make sure you go with a paper bag supplier that offers different products with a high level of customisation.