2 amazing eco bag world records

Eco bags have become extremely popular recently and this has led to a number of remarkable world records being attempted to try and bring some awareness to these great products. Here are some of the amazing records, from the world’s biggest jute bag to the world’s smallest cotton one. 


World’s largest jute bag 

In July of 2019, a small town in Bradford-on-Avon was the host of the hoisting of the world’s largest jute bag, the eco bag was the size of roughly 67,812 regular jute bags and was parts were broken down and repurposed into normal eco bags. 

The eco bag was aimed at promoting the use of environmentally sustainable bags in the wake of no plastic July. 

The reason why jute is considered so environmentally friendly is due in part to the fact that the crop actually absorbs carbon dioxide. This helps both combat the effect greenhouse gas emissions have on global warming and also provide a sustainable eco bag that is highly reusable. 


World’s largest eco shopping bag 

In a small town in India, a group of people endeavoured to create the world’s largest shopping bag. The bag measured around 310 feet long and 131 feet wide. 

The bag was made entirely from cotton in an attempt to raise the profile of the material that makes such fantastic eco bags. Cotton is sustainable through the product lifecycle as it comes from nature. This has made it a popular choice for eco bags across the globe. 

Despite common thought, cotton actually requires little water to maintain and increasingly sophisticated harvesting techniques are making the crop even more sustainable in the long term.  


Find the right eco bag for your business 

The world records listed show you some of the interesting ways in which eco bags can be made to astoundingly large sizes. They have also succeeded in promoting further use of sustainable eco bags around the world. 

If you are looking to make the switch to eco bags for your business make sure you find a supplier who can deliver long-lasting products to you to give the best shopping experience to your customers.