4 common myths that exist about short stay serviced apartments

With the wide variety of accommodation options available today, travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay. However, dated misconceptions about certain rental properties persist, potentially deterring vacationers from selecting the best housing for their needs. Short stay serviced apartments in particular tend to be on the receiving end of unfair myths.

While short-stay serviced apartments could be a great place to spend time when traveling, may people may instead opt for more expensive hotel accommodation. However, serviced apartments may have many of the amenities hotels offer, including gyms and swimming pools, comfortable and clean rooms that they maintain by hiring Commercial Cleaning Services, and laundry services. Many people are unaware of these benefits, and therefore choose not to stay at this type of accommodation.

Whether due to outdated information or simple misunderstanding, these assumptions often discourage travelers from experiencing all the benefits serviced apartments have to offer. To clear up the confusion, we’re taking a closer look at some of the major myths surrounding short stay serviced apartments. Debunking these misguided beliefs will empower renters to make informed choices about serviced apartment accommodations.

  1. ‘Short stay serviced apartments are not cost-effective’

When it comes to cost, the idea that short stay serviced apartments are always an expensive choice is a frankly absurd one; mainly due to the fact that it entirely depends on the specifications of the property you chose. Of course, a serviced apartment with a lot of bedrooms in Central London is going to be pretty costly, however, choosing a basic serviced apartment in a less expensive area will help you stay well within your budget.

  1. ‘Serviced apartments are not properly maintained or cleaned’

The myth that serviced apartments are inadequately maintained or cleaned has been decisively debunked. Perhaps this was the case many years ago, but the situation has evolved significantly. Modern serviced apartments undergo rigorous cleaning processes, including hot pressure wash, steam cleaning, and the use of disinfectant sprays. These methods guarantee that the apartments are thoroughly sanitized and completely safe for occupancy.

  1. ‘You have no privacy with a serviced apartment’

Many people feel that if they book a serviced apartment over a hotel they will have to compromise on the privacy they get in terms of proximity to other guests. However as previously stated, the large variety in options on the market means you can easily find a large serviced apartment that can give you the privacy you are looking for.

  1. ‘Short stay serviced apartments are dull’

The last main myth about serviced apartments is that they are dull. However, if you find a short stay serviced apartment that you and your travelling party like, The extra communal living spaces will give you time to chill out, socialize, and generally have a good time. Equally, there are plenty of serviced apartments out there with pools, Jacuzzis and steam rooms to keep you entertained.

Do not be put off the idea of booking a serviced apartment for your next trip

The previous 4 points are only some of the main myths that are out there concerning short stay serviced apartments. If you use the right booking sites and find a serviced apartment with plenty of reviews and photos you can be sure you have chosen accommodation that will complement rather than detract from your holiday.