4 great things that can be made from recycled paper bags

Recycling is not only good for the planet as it reduces the number of waste items that end up at the landfill, but it can also be used to create fantastic new products. Paper-based items like paper bags are great as the base material can be used in a variety of different ways. Here are 4 interesting items that can be made out of the paper bags you send to the recycling centre.


  1. Environmentally friendly Paper towel rolls

One of the best products that are currently made out of recycled paper bag waste is paper towel rolls. Before recycling truly took off, this was one of the main polluters in landfills, in terms of wasted cardboard. Now the recycling process is well automated and streamlined meaning more and more of them can be produced further helping out the environment.


  1. Branded cereal boxes

One of the ways that major brands are improving their environmental image is through incorporating more sustainable packaging into their products. This has led to a rise in the number of recycled cereal boxes that are used by the major cereal brands. The paper bag waste used in production helps to produce a well-structured product that can be reused by consumers for additional packaging.


  1. Recycled office printer paper

Another great product that is made from recycled paper products is office printer paper. This is made from old paper bags that are no longer useful for carrying large items. The recycled printer paper that is produced saves on energy and is far less intensive in terms of oil consumption. When purchased from a good supplier recycled paper often has a more quality feel than the standard variety.


  1. Toilet paper

In terms of pollution, toilet paper has a big impact on the environment, particularly if it is not flushed. Standard toilet paper not only pollutes in terms of the paper but also the plastic wrapping that it comes in. Recycled toilet paper is made from a variety of sources including paper bags, waste paper and cardboard. In addition to the quality feel it is also better for the environment.


Try and buy recycled paper bags to further benefit the environment

Whilst paper bags are easily recyclable if you buy ones that are made from recycled paper in the first place, you will save on the environmental costs. Try and find a supplier that offers recycled paper as this will help your business stay green.