5 Signs You May Be Suffering From Depression

Everyone goes through periods of feeling blue once in a while. Sometimes stress is high at work, or perhaps you’re just not in the mood to deal with your to-do’s, there are a variety of reasons which could cause you to feel less than your best at times.

On the other extreme, however, are people who aren’t just feeling blue but have gone into the realm of full-fledged depression. No longer are they feeling just a little under the weather, but they’ve developed a chemical imbalance which could compromise their safety.

If you’re trying to determine whether you’re suffering from clinical depression, take a look at some of these tell-tale signs.

Anger Or Instability

Sometimes people who are depressed aren’t able to process their emotions properly. As they start to build up more and more emotions, they begin to feel like they have nowhere to put these feelings.

They may start to act out violently or say vicious things without thinking first. Over time their anger may develop into complete instability. Simple tasks may overwhelm them, and they lose control over things which wouldn’t affect an average person.

Lack Of Joy For Things You Once Enjoyed

If you start to feel like nothing brings you joy anymore, even the things which you used to love, it may be time to ask yourself whether it’s time to take action. Your happiness is vital in order to stay hopeful and positive about life. Therefore, if you stop feeling joy altogether, it’s a pretty strong indication that you may be depressed.

Changes In Sleep Patterns

People who suffer from depression may have issues falling asleep. They often find themselves lying awake at night feeling like they have nothing to do except replay their problems over and over in their head. Often, replaying these problems in your head can cause stress and anxiety. This can add to the problem, disturbing sleep patterns even more. To try and fix this, it might be worth visiting a san diego dispensary, for example, to try and get hold of some cannabis strains to see if that can help. Cannabis can reduce stress, allowing people to feel more comfortable and relaxed. This is the perfect state to fall asleep, so it might be worth trying that.

On the other extreme, there are those who don’t want to wake up. They sleep for long periods of time and even after waking up they remain in bed.

Changes In Appetite

Your emotions can play a significant role in how much you eat. Some people turn to food for comfort when they’re sad and gain a substantial amount of weight as a result of feeling depressed.

On the flip side, some others can’t seem to stomach a single bite of food if they’re not feeling happy. If your appetite has taken a turn for the worse, then you may want to start questioning whether it’s a result of depression. Anyhow, one of the easiest ways to make yourself hungry could be by consuming weed products (check https://canadawideweed.com/). Cannabis helps in stimulating your appetite because of which you’ll be needing a whole lot of munchies to satisfy your hunger.

Low Self-Esteem

One of the beginning signs of depression is low self-esteem. As you start to feel worse, your perception of yourself starts to dwindle.

If you start to feel one or several of these symptoms, it’s worth making an appointment with your doctor to discuss whether they think it’s best to prescribe medication.