Are PP bags worth investing in for my business?

Climate change is a more and more pressing issue, being brought up by top scientists. The future looks concerning not only for ourselves but future generations that have not even been born yet. We as individuals are now more geared to brands and businesses which are more environmentally friendly and conscious with not only how they operate but the bags and products they have to offer. Plastic bags seem like a distant memory now and not often seen in comparison to recyclable alternatives available now. As long as they are used and disposed of appropriately, they are far better for the environment than non degradable plastics which take thousands of years to break down. Thankfully there is a lot of choice out there now when it comes to bags which use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, such as PP bags as this blog will discuss further.


PP bags are similar to fabric bags but made from spun-bonded polypropylene (PP). It is very strong and lightweight and is at the higher end of the reusable bag market in terms of price. The material is made to look woven by having a cross hatched pattern pressed into the material, giving an authentic look and feel to this product. Available in a range of different colours, and can be personalised according to your business needs. Outlets such as Cotton Bag Co have a great choice of PP bags available to businesses out there. The question is are they worth investing in for your business. This will vary depending on what you have to offer and the products available, however this blog will look at some of the pros and cons for anyone out there looking to invest in PP bags. So keep on reading to find out more!


PP bags – what are the alternatives


The main advantage PP bags have to offer over similar bags in this area is the authentic feel they have, given their similarity in appearance to fabric bags. Although being slightly more expensive, PP bags can be a great way to merchandise and promote your business to consumers out there. However, alternatives such as jute are made of stronger material so may be a better option for you if this is important to you. You can even consider custom printed cotton bags available from the likes of Real thread (; these can be designed the way you like, for brand building and promoting sustainability. They both do offer the same purpose in both being reusable, so will be in rotation for a while after they have been used for the first time by consumers. PP bags can help impact your brand’s image positively offering a reusable choice of bag compared to non degradable plastic.


The great thing about all these bag products, whether it is jute or PP bags, is they are environmentally friendly and can be reused for a long time. The importance of promoting your business cannot be overstated, and with this being such a simple way to get your brand out there, it seems like a no brainer to take advantage of such products. PP bags also come with the benefit of a number of accessories, such as pockets and adjustable straps. This therefore makes the argument that PP bags are definitely worth the investment for your business.