What Should You Use Sapele Timber for?

In the timber world, your options are fairly overwhelming, and each type tends to overlap to some extent in terms of what it can do and what benefits it can bring to the table. Sapele is no different.

This popular African hardwood is often seen as the perfect alternative to traditional mahogany, and it’s seen as a more costly, yet more durable and resilient, alternative to red oak. This combination of traits and a slightly pricey, yet still relatively accessible, pricetag make Sapele a versatile wood choice that will work well with several project types.

So, what should you be using Sapele for? Let’s dive into that.

Home Improvement

If you’re looking to renovate your home with a luxurious flair, but can’t quite stomach the hefty impact mahogany will have on your wallet, Sapele is a great option. Sapele has a beautiful, reddish-brown, coloring that mimics the traits of genuine mahogany well, but it also has a unique wood grain that makes it stand out.

On top of that, Sapele can be used for pretty much anything a DIY home renovator would want to do. It can be used for window and door frames, wooden countertops, crown molding, and even flooring. You can even use it for decking since wooden decks tend to last longer without getting damaged during extreme climatic conditions. You can also check out custom decks here for more ideas before you decide on a design that could enhance your home’s exterior. Moreover, using Sapele timber has its own benefits since it can be quite a bit more durable than other popular options like oak. So, it won’t get scuffed and scratched as easily.

Its price does make it more of a luxury wood in comparison to cheaper options, but it’s still a fairly reasonable choice for renovating an entire home’s interior without having to declare bankruptcy.

Exterior Furniture and Structures

Sapele is a hardwood that performs admirably outdoors. And while it’s a little difficult for beginners to use, experienced woodworkers won’t have a problem prepping it for all kinds of outdoor projects, be it for a bespoke orangery extension in the UK or a customized garden table in the US.

Sapele is durable, has a high load-bearing weight, and is resistant to the elements when treated and maintained properly. This makes it great for high-end patio furniture, garden benches, gazebos, and little outdoor getaways. Its luxurious appearance also means that such projects can be completed with simple methods that preserve their natural look instead of paint or heavy stains.

You can also consider looking for wooden siding and home exterior elements made of Sapele timber to enhance the curb appeal of your residential property. Companies such as Paramount Siding or other home solutions may provide you with a choice to opt for such materials for your home exterior renovation.

Niche Crafts

The combination of Sapele’s high-end look and performance with its upper-middle price makes it great for niche crafts. For hundreds of years, Sapele has been used to make small boats such as kayaks, turned projects such as ornate bowls, and small, hand-carved trinkets.

This is largely due to its coloring, woodgrain, and long-lasting qualities. For smaller projects, it’s even cost-effective when compared to mahogany or teak.

If you have a bit of experience with woodworking, and you want to create something fairly high-end, look no further than Sapele. Just take note that it can have tear-outs if it’s not planed or sawed properly.

It’s Versatile, So Get Creative

Sapele isn’t a one-trick pony. It can be used for a wide range of projects, and you can let your imagination roam wild when you sit down to use your Sapele stockpile. As long as you need a strong, durable hardwood, and don’t mind paying a premium price for it, Sapele should be a top choice.

Published by: Maisy G

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