Different types of Kraft paper and how they are used

Whilst Kraft paper is often envisioned as the brown paper used for crafts at school, or to wrap presents or sandwiches in, it is actually a lot more versatile than that and used for many different things.

Here are a few types of Kraft paper and how you can use them.

Natural Kraft Paper

Natural Kraft paper, also known as virgin natural Kraft paper, is clean and durable, and its low cost makes it an ideal option for heavy-duty tasks that require less risk of tearing. It’s perfect for printing on and is a popular choice for applications such as branded packaging and branded paper bags, as well as protective layering, carrier sheets, and dunnage.

Many different industries take advantage of the versatility and value of custom printed Kraft paper, as bespoke packaging and wrapping can add a really personal touch to a customers shopping experience. For businesses that are mainly online, they may want to use this Kraft paper with their own CTP Boxes custom packaging so they can add a special feel and look to their products.


Recycled Kraft Paper

Although not as strong and tear resistant as natural Kraft paper, recycled Kraft paper is a more environmentally friendly option, and still carries enough strength to be used for crafting and for use in paper packaging that doesn’t need to be as hardy.


White/Bleached Kraft Paper

Although white/bleached Kraft paper is like natural Kraft paper in strength and durability, it does have a more clean and distinct appearance. Not just useful for crafts or backing, white Kraft paper can also be used as a more economical choice for table cloths in restaurants and cafes.

Black Kraft Paper

The most common use of black Kraft paper is being used as a durable backing for pictures frames to fill space or to make pictures really stand out.  However, black Kraft paper is also perfect for fun and interesting craft projects and can be an ideal choice for monochrome projects.


Coloured Kraft Paper

Coloured Kraft paper is available in just about every colour you can think of, and its vibrant hues make it perfect for a range of craft projects, for backing on notice boards and for use in scrapbooking.

This is a popular choice for schools, where crafts are a regular part of activities during the week and colour is important for children to learn with and interact with.


In all cases, Kraft paper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of applications both for businesses, schools, and individuals.