What accommodation should you offer your wedding guests for your big day?

Weddings can be an extremely stressful period with the organising having to juggle a lot of different tasks whilst trying to manage a seemingly never-ending to-do list. One of the major things that need booking is the accommodation for the close wedding guests on both the groom and bridal parties. Here we will go through some of the different options available and which is best for your needs; from serviced apartments to hotel rooms.

  1. Book a hotel

Depending on the location of your wedding it may be wise to look for the right options in the area in terms of hotels. Booking the rooms will be fairly straightforward and you will be able to easily adjust the booking depending on the number of people who are staying for your special day. It would be a good option if you having a bit party wedding denver-based, as many of the guests might not be able to drive home afterwards!

  1. Book a serviced apartment

Whilst hotels are some of the most common forms of accommodation they can often be rigid in terms of their location and rooms can be booked up pretty quickly which can add extra stress to the wedding organisation process. This is where serviced apartments come into their own. The amenities they offer mean your guests will be well looked after and can concentrate on getting ready for the wedding day.

The other great thing about serviced apartments is that they are spotless and tidy. The immaculate cleanliness of serviced apartments, often achieved with the help of commercial cleaning services jacksonville fl or similar offerings elsewhere, makes them an excellent choice for your wedding accommodations, ensuring a pristine environment for special occasions and providing a comfortable and stress-free stay.

Since there are plenty of them, you are far more likely to find a good serviced apartment near your wedding location than a hotel or bed and breakfast. Additionally, if you are booking an apartment for a lot of people booking a big serviced apartment will also be more cost-effective.

  1. Bed and breakfast

The third option on our list is a bed and breakfast. These are common in small towns and villages which makes them a good choice of accommodation for guests attending country weddings. Doing your research online will help you make an informed choice on which bed and breakfast will meet the needs of your guests.

  1. Airbnb apartment

The success of Airbnb means there are a lot of small apartments and houses located around the country which are often booked by people attending weddings further afield. The in-built rating system on Airbnb makes it easy to find the right apartment, in the right location for your wedding guests.

Book a good quality serviced apartment

Whilst booking the accommodation for your guests will not be on the top of your priority list, making it extra special will give your guests a day to remember and help build some good collective memeories of your wedding. A good serviced apartment is a great way to look after your guests.