Effective Home Remedies That Cost Nothing

I suppose it’s something you work into your budget when you decide to spoil and pamper yourself with a day out at the health and beauty spa, so too whenever you decided to indulge in any one or more of your guilty pleasures, so it’s always a case of money well spent. There are times when it feels a bit like a waste having to spend money on things that just pop up as part of your everyday life though, such as perhaps having to deal with some minor medical ‘emergency’.

So in our discussion of effective home remedies it’s not just about your body or something explicitly medical. The common household items you stock up on can be put together or redeployed to make for some effective home remedies whose effects you’d otherwise probably have to break the budget to rush to the store and buy. The key to it resides in the so-called survival inventory stocked by the smallest of convenience stores – you know, those ones which are open 24 hours a day?

Blocked drain

The leading cause of a blocked drain is a build-up of fat and this is usually when it gets really clogged up to the point that no water flows out at all. The more immediate effects are seen on your flooring, fixtures and walls. When left unattended for long, it can lead to the foundation becoming over-saturated with water, thus needing help from local water restoration professionals before further repairs can be done. While not brought on by natural disasters, it tends to be one of the more common causes of homes getting flooded.

And yes … tiny bits of food and other particles that make their way into the drainage system contribute towards slower flow and blockage. But even the oldest of these systems was designed to ensure that the blockage occurs very slowly and that eventually, it sorts itself out. However, it is a prudent idea to always get your drainage system checked by qualified service providers like Troy plumbing services and alike, who would know the best possible way to clear out a clogged drain!

That said, we never know when things get really clogged up it’s usually an issue of fat and that can be solved with a simple home remedy. A simple combination of boiling water and vinegar does the trick just right! Be careful not to inhale the acidic fumes when preparing the solution (not that it’s deadly, but just really uncomfortable), otherwise just pour it down the drain as hot as possible. You might have to repeat it a few times to eventually get the fat to melt, loosen up and start flowing out.

Also, remember that the clog may not be always a result of food particles, there could be tiny faucet debris that is blocking the pipe. In such cases, it is better to call an experienced plumber from companies like Mac Vik Plumbing and Heating who have the equipment to remedy this problem.

Tired eyes

Simply place used teabags over your closed eyelids, in the same way that they put eucalyptus doused cucumber slices over your eyes at the health and beauty spa.


Good old milk and cookies can do the trick, but be sure to warm the milk up. Be sure to empty your bladder before you indulge as well so you don’t wake for the toilet in the middle of the night. In the event that the problem persists, you can use other remedies such as herbal tea or smoking dried herbs through something like a vaporizer. If you decide to go down the route of herbal remedies there are a few things to be aware of before you dive in. In case neither of those approaches work, you may want to consult with a sleep specialist.

Blocked nose

Vicks Vapour Rub melted in hot water does the trick for a blocked nose, the fumes of which you should inhale while covered in a blanket. Mint leaves work just as well if you want a little bit more of a ‘natural’ remedy, but this isn’t a permanent solution, but rather one which provides symptomatic relief for a considerable amount of time.

Stained glass

Head on into the garage and find a bottle of thinners if you want to sort out a stain on any glass surface, once and for all! The liquid can be diluted in water or applied directly to the surface if the stain is especially stubborn.