Zoning In on Gluten Sensitivity and Intolerance

For most people they can grow up for long periods of their lives oblivious to the fact that their systems are gluten sensitive. At least when it’s all the way gluten intolerance then your body really lets you know that something you’re feeding it shouldn’t be on the menu and you subsequently go on to […]

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How to Get the Family to Eat More Fruit

Considering the fact that fruits are actually delicious without subjectively comparing them to vegetables or any other food, you’d think that it would be much easier to get the family to eat more of them more regularly. It’s not though – and I’m willing to bet that you probably don’t get your recommended five portions […]

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How to Choose a Wine Cooler

Fully installed wine coolers are probably called “coolers” instead of fridges because of just how cool they look, especially those that have those enchanting LED backlights that illuminate the bottles and the tips of the unit itself. If you actually see one in someone else’s house or if you see it in a rather good-looking […]

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Supplementation Done Right

There’s no doubt about the fact that we simply cannot get all the nutrients our bodies need exclusively from the regular food we eat, such is the nature of the busy lives we lead today. Besides the business, the nutritional value contained in the food that’s produced in this day and age isn’t quite what […]

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Setting Up a Domestic Wi-Fi Network

In so many parts of the world, connecting to the internet is still very expensive beyond the coffee shops that offer complimentary Wi-Fi. And since there’s no doubt about the importance of staying connected for each and every member of the family, having everyone on their own data plans can become very expensive. Of course, […]

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Unconventional Pets De-Mystified

It’s widely believed that a family pet can greatly improve quality of life, and many animals are very easy to care for if you know what you’re doing. As long as you know the best dog food for English Bulldogs is different from the best dog food for German Shepherds, for example, then you’re good […]

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Re-Decorating on the Cheap

It was brought to mind recently when my sister-in-law announced that she’d be hosting a Christmas party this year just how complicated people make things. I love her to bits, but now she’s up in arms at times, stressed out about her plans to redecorate. Christmas is still a very long way away as of […]

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Gaining Weight Safely

I think from the point of view of most people in this world, anybody who is dealing with their desire to gain weight has what we call nice life problems! It’s not that straight-forward though – it’s in fact a real issue for people referred to as ectomorphs, meaning they have the body types of […]

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Exploring the Open-Living Trend

Open living trends suggest so many different things to different people. For one, traditional architects and civil engineers from times gone by generally feel open-living buildings are the work of some of the laziest modern day architects, so too some interior designers who effectively feel that too much interior decorative work is left to them […]

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Peeking Beyond the Secret Doors of Man Caves

Even if you’re perhaps forbidden from going into your significant other’s so-called man-cave, chances are you have a very good idea of what is in there and what goes on in there. However, for those ladies whose dudes are considering setting up a man cave and you’re a bit apprehensive about the implications thereof; fear […]

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