Unconventional Pets De-Mystified

I know a lot of parents, both moms and dads, who’d been given the frights of their lives by their children having brought home some rather exotic animals and asked to keep them as pets! The most frightening of these stories I’ve heard was that of a neighbour’s son who’d somehow managed to catch an entire cobra which as we’d later go on to find out had escaped from a nearby zoo and he asked if he could keep it as a pet!

Of course the answer was no and the boy was given a serious scolding about never to mess with venomous snakes and the like, but this swiftly brings into focus our discussion about what we can probably all agree to be exotic pets. They’re really not that bad and they can definitely be housed and kept in check.


I think it’s only fitting to discuss snakes first since we’ve already touched on how venomous snakes like cobras should never be allowed to be kept as pets. Something like an albino rock python makes for a great exotic pet, not to mention just how beautiful this creature is. It can get massive though, but if trained and reared right from its “childhood” then it won’t be any trouble at all – at least not any trouble like what some thriller snake movies may suggest.

Other snake varieties that can be kept as pets include the likes of a brown house snake – I mean the name says it all, doesn’t it? There are plenty more, but you should never keep venomous snakes, ever!


I think lizards perhaps top the list as the most popular species of exotic pets, collectively. There are different kinds of lizards which make for some great exotic pets because of how “exotically” beautiful they look, sometimes freaky. I mean where do I even begin?

You have the bearded dragon – is there a cooler customer than a bearded dragon, especially with the colour varieties they come in? Head on down to Australia and you’ll find so many more lizard species which make for exotic pets, but remember that not all of them can actually be exported as some on the list of endangered species.

Otherwise geez – chameleons also make for great exotic lizard pets, although they’re more common in a lot of places around the world. In summer time you barely need to feed it since it catches insects itself…

How exotic are they, really?

Officially an exotic pet is one which is of an animal species not indigenous to the location where it is kept as a pet, but in the broader sense it’s really just an unusual or rare-and-unusual animal. For example, people keep rats as pets and other rodents aside from hamsters, while the smaller species of monkeys are also quite popular as pets.

The list goes on and on and we can write an entire book about exotic pets, but otherwise all it takes a little bit of specialised care to keep exotic pets and perhaps some expensive visits to the vet.

Published by: Maisy G

I am skilled in all areas of beauty treatments and in helping clients improve their personal appearance. Having a proven ability to ensure the efficient and profitable running of a beauty salon and I have decided to start blogging about the things I love, beauty, lifestyle, home and everything in between. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. xxx

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