How to care for your inflatable paddle board

Inflatable paddle boards, like many other types of high end sports equipment will last longer if looked after well. To keep your inflatable paddle boarding looking and performing its best you should develop a consistent cleaning and maintenance routine.

Cleaning your inflatable SUP after each session

You need to remember that paddle boarding is an outside sport, this means that your board and equipment is inevitably going to come into contact with mud, sand, dirt and other parts of nature. Keeping your paddle board clean with a quick spray down after each session is going to prolong the life of your board and keep it in the best condition.  If you are paddling in fresh water then it is not essential to hose off the board after each use, however if you are using your inflatable paddle board in salt water then it is paramount as salt can corrode the surface of the board and weaken the material and seams over time.

  1. Lie the board down on a flat and clean surface with the underside face up
  2. Cleaning the underside of the inflatable paddle board first is the best as this side is much less likely to pick up dirt whilst cleaning the rest of the board
  3. Use a high pressure spray to rise off the mud, dirt and sand; a garden hose will work perfectly
  4. Once the underside is clean, flip the board over and repeat the process on this side until all the visible debris has been removed
  5. Be sure to let your inflatable paddle board dry before putting away in storage especially if you deflate it
  6. Your paddle board will usually dry in the sun within 20 minutes, if the weather is quite hot do not leave your paddle board in direct sunlight.
  7. If needed, use a soft cloth or towel to dry any left over moisture 

Deep cleaning your inflatable paddle board

It is advisable to give your inflatable paddle board a more intense clean every so often to get rid of more stubborn stain and dirt. Most natural biodegradable cleaners are suitable to clean inflatable paddle boards, similarly any mild soaps that you have in your home should also be fine, for example, washing up liquid.

  1. Lie the board down on a flat surface with the underside face up
  2. Mix some of your chosen soap solution into a bucket with warm water  
  3. Using a soap bristle brush or sponge gently give the board a gentle scrub
  4. For more stubborn stains non abrasive cleaning products such a mold remover or baking soda can be used on the PVC areas. Do not use these on the deck pad or any areas with graphics.
  5. If marks can not be completely removed do not panic, they will fade over time with UV exposure. Hard scrubbing can cause abrasions to the board and result in damage.
  6. 6. Leave our board to dry as discussed previously

Regularly cleaning your inflatable paddle board is important to maintain its appearance and performance as well as protect it from some forms of corrosion. Having both a wash routine for each use and periodic deep clean should keep your paddle board in the best condition.