How to Remodel Your Kitchen if You Love Baking

Need to add a few more baked goods to your home? It might be time for some kitchen remodeling services. Not only will you get even more space, but it can also help out in the long run with the kitchen’s efficiency and convenience.

Here Are Some Simple Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen If You Love Baking

  • Consider adding more oven and stove top burners.
  • Move appliances around, so they match up better with where you do work or store ingredients. For example, putting spices in front of the oven means you won’t have to get off your step stool every time you want to use them.
  • Add pot rack overhead storage for all of those pans, pots, cookie sheets, etc…
  • Replace or add more counter space.
  • Replace old appliances, so they all match, even if it is just the color.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your sink area, replace that too! You’ll need to contact a plumber in Pasadena (or a plumbing company local to your area), but adding a new sink is a fairly easy task.
  • Add lazy susans around your kitchen to make things easier to reach and to help you save time by not having to dig through cupboards for items.
  • Consider adding a dishwasher if you don’t have one, but make sure it fits in the space you are remodeling.
  • Create an eating area or workspace near where you bake most often (so close together, why not?) so that way there’s less running up and down between other working areas of the home. It can also be used as a place to store notes from family and friends.
  • Put a bench or stool in your kitchen so that you can sit while you work, especially if the bench turns into a table that you can eat on! It’ll save you from having to get up and down constantly.
  • Add another refrigerator if you have enough space for one, because who doesn’t need more space? Also, these appliances often come with extra ice makers.
  • Make sure there is enough cabinet space, so ingredients don’t go bad between uses. The average American spends $1,000 per year on wasted food. Imagine how much money being more organized will save!
  • Replace your dishwasher with an automatic washer-dryer combination.
  • Add more cabinets, especially if you find that pantry items are hidden or inaccessible.
  • If your appliances are worn, consider replacing them with stainless steel options to give the entire kitchen an updated look!
  • Have a bar top installed if it doesn’t already exist. Most bars offer great space for the storage of bottles and glasses. Plus, they make for good prep surfaces if you only need to chop one onion or two before putting something in the oven. This idea can also work on an island if you want more working space (or even seating!).
  • Replace your flooring with something easy to clean, like tile or hardwood.
  • Consider painting the walls a bright color that works better with your baking motif instead of the pastel colors it might have been painted before.
  • Replace old cabinetry with new ones that fit better in your new kitchen layout.
  • Add a wine fridge to store all of those bottles of vino you plan on opening while baking delicious dishes! You can even keep some inside the main refrigerator if you don’t have enough room elsewhere.

Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Professional to Do the Work for You

You can get a lot more done in one day with professional help. When you hire someone to plan and design the remodeling project (by visiting a website like or using some other means), you won’t have to take time off from work to do it all yourself. It also means there’s less downtime between when you start and when the renovations are finished.

You can also save money on DIY materials since your contractor will be buying wholesale. Most contractors offer warranties along with their services, which is a guarantee that any shoddy workmanship won’t be falling apart any time soon! Plus, if there happens to be hidden damage behind walls or under cabinets that someone could otherwise not see until something falls or breaks, these people know how to spot that type of thing.

You Can Focus More on Baking

Hiring professionals allows you to focus on baking (and eating) instead of breaking your back trying to figure the renovation out on your own. There are so many more people who can help you with renovations, like electricians or carpenters, than there were when you bought the house. A contractor will hook you up with these people so they can do their part in making sure everything runs smoothly and quickly.

They already know what kinds of permits they need to get per the local laws. You won’t have to waste precious time figuring that out or paying someone else for it! Kitchen remodeling contractors offer interior design services too! If you’re not exactly talented in that area, let’s take care of it for you! They have connections with local businesses that usually offer discounts on demolition, installation, and materials.

If you don’t have the money for kitchen remodeling right this second but know you’ll be able to soon, hiring a contractor means that they can bill your credit card or PayPal account instead of forcing you to pay them all upfront at once.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Getting the Job Done.

Kitchen remodeling companies will most likely finish the job in time for the holiday baking season, which is just around the corner! Hiring someone means there’s no waiting for it to get done, so if you want everything finished before Thanksgiving or Christmas (or Hanukkah), they can handle it all within their estimated timeline.

Contractors are experts who know exactly how to remove cabinets, floors, and walls without damaging them. Kitchen remodeling contractors can give you advice on what changes will increase your resale value if you ever plan on selling the house so that you’ll get more for it than what you originally paid.

Some contractors offer credit towards their services if they feel like the homeowner is taking too much of their time doing something themselves! They know where to find deals on materials since most people hire them for several projects at once.

Contractors have liability insurance in case anything goes wrong during renovations or with any materials used during construction. You won’t have to worry about being held responsible for any type of accident or injury at all! Remodeling professionals know how to use the different tools of the trade, like jackhammers and tile saws.

You Can Also Hire Contractors for Cleaning Services

If you love baking but don’t want to remodel at all, some contractors offer house cleaning services! You can hire someone dependable to take care of that for you while you spend time in the kitchen doing something else (like trying out new recipes with our amazing collection of more than 2,000 cookie recipes).

Contractors will do what needs doing without asking too many questions. They aren’t likely to ask why you need a certain type of renovation done because they already know it’s their job to get it done. You won’t have your plans questioned or second-guessed by someone who isn’t an expert in the field.

Lastly, hiring professionals to remodel your home takes the stress out of the whole process. They will handle all the heavy lifting for you so that you can be baking (or eating what they bake) while everyone else is hard at work!

Hiring professional contractors to help with your renovation means they do most (if not all) of the work for you and save you money in the long run if you keep them on speed dial for other jobs too! Plus, almost anyone can get a hold of them via phone or email quickly if something goes wrong because these services are available 24/7.