How to optimise your dental surgery’s website

When you participate in a marketing strategy, the overall aim is to enhance brand recognition and to get the people that you want to connect with your business to do so. When it comes to dental marketing, your focus would be around attracting the patients that you want to attend your dental surgery and engage your services.

But the rules for marketing a dental surgery page and a bakery, for example, are very different, and the optimisation of both types of websites will have different guidelines as to how you can attract the people that you want to attend each area of business.

So, if your dental surgery is failing to attract the patients that you want or is simply failing to expand at all, you may need to look at what other dental websites are doing. This will help you adapt your marketing strategy and continue to grow your brand. So, here are some key tips to help you.

Makeover your contact page

Every dental surgery website needs to have a contact page, and it is important that you keep yours up to date, especially during holidays such as Christmas or in the new year. You will also need to make sure that any emergency dentistry phone numbers are available.

This will also help with the increasing trend in voice searches, as the majority of people ask Siri to find a dental surgery near them or look for information relating to where the surgery is located and its opening times. So, by having an up-to-date contact page, you’ll also optimise your website for these kinds of searches.

Add social media

If you are looking to grow your dental surgery website, you absolutely need to have a social media page! This will allow you to contact potential patients who would be harder to reach without these platforms. It also offers you a way to showcase what your dental team can achieve and enables you to answer questions that potential patients and current patients may have about the services that you provide.

Calls to action need to be everywhere!

A call to action is something that you need to have all over your dental surgery page. Phrases like ‘call us today’ or ‘find our contact information here’ are common examples of calls to action. These are usually best placed on information pages and your blog so that when somebody finishes reading your dental surgery’s posts about dental implants, they will be inclined to call you to seek more information.

Make sure the website is logical

Coming back to search engine optimisation, in order for your website to be successful in the Google rankings, it needs to follow a logical layout. This can be hard to spot if you are not trained in marketing, and it is aimed primarily at attracting the Google bots, which are responsible for the ranking system.

Get in a marketing team

How do you know that your website follows a logical layout? Well, you call in a marketing team who specialises in dental surgery websites. They will be able to makeover your surgery page so it is attractive and follows the logical order required by the Google algorithms to help with a higher ranking. So, your website will get more attention from potential patients! Perfect.