How to Resolve Common Home Storage Issues

The time is here with us that you are probably moving into campus where you get to live in a student house. You will meet new friends at the university, and are therefore bound to encounter common problems students face when they move out of home and into shared accommodation that is usually smaller. For those doing the opposite transition from a smaller accommodation into a larger, it isn’t such a problem as storage options can be resolved with a 12×20 portable garage or a shed for some examples! So that is why you should read below for some real advice on where to store your belongings when you are downsizing!

You need to pack only essential items and deal with home storage problems that most people face when they move to a new place. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a guide on using your space and settling all home storage challenges that you may be facing.

General household space

We will provide you with quick solutions to deal with available storage space in your flat or home, perhaps you could rent to own storage sheds. Proper use of space will keep the place organised, clean, and without clutter.

Start by hanging lamps instead of having side tables and use the space for another purpose in the main living area. Also, stack chairs in one corner to create more space in the sitting room. If you prefer cycling to class, create space in the hallway by installing brackets for hanging your bike. Finally, use vertical magazine racks for storage of magazines, files, and other vital documents. Then with any leftover items that cannot fit in the house, many people go to to find a shed or another type of outdoor storage to store them in safely out of the way.

Bedroom space

Do you have a tiny closet or a box room that is problematic for you? This is brought about by limited space. Whether you treat yourself to new outfits or not, hang your shoes and scarves in organisers on your wardrobe’s inner part to create space. Adequate shoe storage is one of the best investments for keeping rooms tidy

If your scarves are too many, you can use hooks on the shower curtain to hang the scarves on one coat hanger. Install hooks on the bedroom door for hanging towels and coats in readiness for the cold season. Lastly, use riders to prop your bed and use the space underneath as storage space. If you have some prized possessions, you can use desiccant bags to store them to prevent damage and mould.

Kitchen space

Do not be stressed by the absence of ample kitchen space when preparing a meal. Use magnetic spice jars and create a spice rack on your fridge. This enables you to stick cupboards to your fridge door. Add more artistry by having a pegboard where you arrange pans and pots on the wall.

When it’s your time to cook, use a chopping board over the sink to create space on the counter. Also, you can hang a basket under the kitchen sink by adding command hooks to store more household essentials.

Bathroom space

The bathroom is the one place that experiences crowding. Being in a student house does not help as the bathroom is just as small as all the other rooms, and you have to share it with your housemates. Start by installing spice racks next to the mirror for each housemate for storage of lotions and hair products. Hung mason jars can be used to store small items such as makeup sponges and cotton wool pads. The back of the bathroom door can accommodate multiple towel rods to avoid picking your towel from the floor.

With these tips, we hope that your household issues are sorted and that you will live better in your new residence fending for yourself.