What do you get with teak outdoor furniture that you don’t get with the plastic alternative

When deciding on the type of furniture to buy for your garden, many will go for the cheapest option with little thought as to the long term implications. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to think otherwise. Investing in premium furniture for your outdoor area is a great way to upgrade the overall house and gives you an area that you can truly enjoy.


In today’s article, we have a look at the main differences between teak outdoor furniture and cheaper plastic alternatives.


  1. Teak furniture gives you a product that will weather well over time


Whilst plastic furniture is normally cheaper, it does tend to become faded and poorly weathered over time. This is not the case with teak outdoor furniture. When you invest in good quality timber like teak, not only are you getting a well-built product, but also one that will weather well over time.


  1. Teak outdoor furniture is often more comfortable than plastic alternatives


When buying the right garden furniture, you will want to make sure that it is above all else, comfortable. Cheaper plastic furniture is often difficult to sit in, particularly if you are going for the super-budget option.


Teak outdoor furniture is often constructed in a way that is ergonomically supportive of the body. This will help you if you have older relatives and will offer a comfortable place to escape to after a busy day.














  1. Teak garden furniture gives you a valuable asset for future resale


When buying good quality furniture, it is often easy to view it as a cost that cannot be recuperated. However, if you buy the best teak furniture or any timber product, you will have an item that you can sell for a reasonable amount in the future. Plastic furniture often does not command as higher resell price and you should consider this when looking at the base price of the good you are buying.


  1. Teak furniture is easy to upcycle in the future


If you are into the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra you will probably be well up for upcycling furniture in the future. This can come in the form of a new lick of paint or a complete redesign. Teak furniture is good for this as not only will you have a good canvas on which to paint your garden furniture, you will also be able to repaint it if you want to experiment with a different colour.


You do not have this option with plastic furniture. These chairs and tables often come with a glossy finish that is difficult to paint and is difficult to change. If you go with teak garden furniture you will also be able to use your woodworking tools when you get creative.


Getting the right teak outdoor furniture is crucial


As shown there are several benefits when adopting teak garden furniture. The quality feel of the timber, the added comfort that it provides, and the quick cash that it could return in the future are all compelling reasons to chose it over the plastic alternatives.


If you do buy teak outdoor furniture, make sure it is good quality. This will help you when it comes to reselling in the future and prevent the furniture from deteriorating to heavily over time.


Published by: Maisy G

I am skilled in all areas of beauty treatments and in helping clients improve their personal appearance. Having a proven ability to ensure the efficient and profitable running of a beauty salon and I have decided to start blogging about the things I love, beauty, lifestyle, home and everything in between. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. xxx

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