Modern Diamond Engagement Ring Designs for Fall 2020

If you’re going to buy a diamond engagement ring, you need to be sure about what to choose. Diamonds are perfect as a memorable engagement ring! They are elegant and will sparkle even with the slightest ray of light. What matters is you find a style that will compliment you throughout your life.

How are you going to find impressive diamond engagement rings? Which styles are in for the fall of 2020? Why would you want on-trend ring styles?

Don’t be too pressured about what to choose. Below are some of the best diamond engagement ring styles that you can find in 2020. Who knows, you might find “the one”.

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles for 2020 That You Would Love

As a bride, it’s normal to look for something extraordinary. Diamond earring trends come and go, but you want to make sure to pick the one which stands out the most. More modern designs are present now which can make choosing a lot more exciting. You could search online for different designs and choose one; better yet, visit a physical jewelry store baltimore md (or closer to where you live) so that you can get a more appropriate feel of the ring on your hand. Speaking to jewelers in person can also let you customize your designs and create a perfect ring for your perfect day!

Remember, by customizing your ring, you can add a special touch to the piece of jewelry and express your love more romantically. Since personalizing a ring would require your time, your partner would feel more admired (the greatest gift you can give to your partner is time). That said, if you are interested, you can contact firms like Durham Rose, which can help you design your ring from scratch to create something truly unique. However, before you order a bespoke engagement ring, it would be a good idea to take a look at the different kinds of styles you can experiment with.

  • Multi-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

The more the merrier, as they say! This also applies to modern rings as three and five stoned rings are rising to popularity. This type of ring features three or more diamonds on the ring which covers your finger across. It looks even great with the wedding bands. It’s something you will want and enjoy wearing.

  • Art-Deco Diamond Engagement Rings

These types of rings are custom-cut rings that play on the size of your diamond stone. The style isn’t too feminine or quirky, it’s right in the middle. This is a wonderful design if you want a ring design that makes a statement. It is a very artsy looking design with a dash of classical romance.

  • Colorful oval cut diamond rings

Color is in trend nowadays. You don’t have to limit your ring to basic colors. Tinted diamond stones in flame setting to adorn your center stone is the trend. Even simple oval cut diamond stones will shine from this style. Add your center stone amongst the flame setting of the ring and you have the perfect engagement ring.

Out With the Old Styles and in With the New

Trends come and go even for diamond engagement rings. This is why you would want to go for trends that will come back in the future. Plenty of modern rings are being derived from designs of the past. This is what makes the styles so charming and endearing. Don’t be afraid of getting rings that stay on trend for a while. When the trend returns, you’ll find yourself smiling and reliving memories.