What does it mean to enjoy a high quality of life?

If anybody claims to hate travelling, either they hate a job they have in the travel and tourism industry, or they’re forced to travel regularly as part of their job, keeping them away from the people they love. Otherwise, the desire to explore new places, meet new people, enjoy a different way of life and explore new cultures is an inherent part of what it means to be a human being.

That’s where the secret to enjoying a high standard of living resides, as mystified as the meaning of the phrase is often made out to be.

We’ll explore some other elements which come together to make up what can be referred to as enjoying a high standard of living, but enjoying the freedom to travel is one of them. One of the key elements of good living is taking advantage of short-term accommodation for your holidays.

The freedom to travel

Whether you’d be looking for a short city break and would therefore be looking to take up short-term accommodation in a city such as Bristol, or if you’d rather stay in backpacker’s elsewhere so that you can stay longer, the freedom to do jump on plane or jump in your car to get there is part of what it means to enjoy a high standard of life. A wish to take a backpacking trip across Europe should spur the action to start planning it, and when there’s no need to worry about finances or time, that’s what entails a high standard of life. Even traveling to the farthest reaches of Iceland on a camper van rental (maybe from https://www.rent.is/) shouldn’t be too much trouble for someone who has the means and independence to do so. The freedom to travel is a privilege very few people in the world actually enjoy, most of whom take it for granted because they can’t imagine living out their lives in any other way.

Ready access to basic needs

It’s perhaps becoming clear by now that travelling kind of brings into focus the full spectrum of what it means to enjoy a good quality of life. Even when you’re out and about, perhaps in some exotic holiday destination, part of your trip planning process involves making sure you have access to the most basic of needs. Clean water to drink, running hot water for a shower, food, the shelter you’re lodging in, etc.

These basic needs also constitute something we tend to take for granted if we don’t have to think twice about accessing them. You don’t really think too much about the quality of the medical treatment you’d get on the travel insurance that’s integrated into your credit card bill, for example…

Access to amenities

Often facilities which cater to our most basic needs are listed as amenities when you’re booking accommodation, but it’s the quality of those facilities and how accessible they really are that nudges them into the amenities list. To put it simply, if you are travelling to New York or any other destination, the easier it is to access a variety of amenities, the higher your overall quality of life and experience will be during your stay. Whether it’s the presence of a well-equipped fitness centre, a refreshing swimming pool, a relaxing spa, or a stylish Cocktail Lounge New York City, having convenient access to these amenities can enhance your trip and elevate your enjoyment.

Control over more of your time

Material things ultimately tie you down to a certain location, to varying degrees of course. This is why people who truly enjoy a high standard of living, by any measure and stretch of the imagination, are those who have greater freedom to exercise greater control of their time.