Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Wood Burning Stove

You may think that the idea of using a wood burning stove in your home is old and outdated, but there is still a place for this old-school method of heating/cooking.  You probably won’t be giving up your range or telling your Local oil company that you no longer require oil anytime soon, but there is more to having a wood stove than cooking.  


If you are having an internal discussion about possibly adding a wood stove to your home, let us share with you some valuable information.  Check out a brief summary, featuring some of the favorable reasons why your home needs a good wood-burning stove.  


It’s an effective heat source 


The most evident result of having a wood burning stove in your home is that it provides a rich source of radiant heat.  Wood stoves are cast in iron, and iron is an excellent conductor of heat.


The radiant heat of your wood stove will heat your home more efficiently than an HVAC unit.  When winter is upon you, your wood stove will keep the whole family cozy and warm.  


A decorative/stylish addition to the decor


In addition to the excellent heat source, a wood stove will add a stylish touch to your home’s aesthetic.  Your new wood stove will become the focal point of whatever room you choose to store it.  


There are different styles you can incorporate when purchasing a new wood stove as well.  From traditional to contemporary styles, you choose the look you want to capture in your home.  


Wood stoves save money


Using a wood stove for heating your home will save you gobs of money over time.  The price of chopping some wood is much lower than paying a monthly fee to your local energy provider.  


You may have to foot a significant bill to purchase a quality wood burning stove, but you’ll make back the price of the stove in just a couple years.  Depending on the size of your home, you could use your wood stove as the primary heat source in your house.  Switching to wood heat will cut your monthly energy costs by half.  


Reliable and environmentally friendly


Wood burning stoves are more eco-friendly than other traditional heat sources.  Gas and propane heating burn valuable fossil fuels, placing a strain on the environment.  Wood stoves burn carbon-neutral wood, sparing the ozone of unnecessary carbon dioxide additions.  


A reason to bring the family together

There are hidden benefits to having a wood stove as well.  The social factor of gathering around the warmth of an ambient fire is hard to recreate otherwise.  You will enjoy the memories and moments forged in the flickering lights of the flames burning bright inside your wood stove.