3 Natural Ways To Relieve Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, whether it’s due to arthritis, an injury, or just the wear and tear of age, it can be very hard to remain mobile and function throughout your days as you may like. While there is the option for surgery, many people only want to take this risk as a last result, preferring to try other, more natural options first.


For those of you who find yourself in this situation, here are three natural ways you can attempt to relieve your knee pain on your own. 


Exercise To Keep Excess Weight Off

One thing that can make your knee pain much worse is if you’re living with excess weight on your body. This additional weight can put even more stress and pressure on your knees, which will only serve to increase your pain.

While it might not be ideal for you, Dr. Debra Rose Wilson, a contributor to Healthline.com, shares that getting daily exercise is a great way to not only start working off some of this extra weight, but to also keep the joint of your knee moving and active. By doing this, you can reduce any stiffness you feel and keep that joint as lubricated as possible. 

If you haven’t been active in a while due to your knee pain, consider speaking with your doctor to see what type of physical activity will be best for you and your particular situation. In many cases, start off with something like swimming, which is very low impact, is ideal. 


Practice PRICE

While many people have heard of following the practice of RICE when they have an injury, if you’re trying to work through knee pain, Markus MacGill, a contributor to Medical News Daily, shares that PRICE may work better for you.

With this natural remedy, you use protection of your knee in addition to rest, ice, compression, and elevation. By wearing something that gives added protection to your knee, like a brace or sleeve, you’ll be protecting your knee from getting further injured as you attempt to heal the injuries that have already taken place. 


Wear The Right Shoes

It’s not only what you’re doing to your actual knee that can have an impact on how painful your knees are. According to Dr. Tyler Wheeler, a contributor to WebMD.com, wearing the wrong shoes for your body can also make your knees hurt worse than they otherwise would.

To combat this, try wearing cushioned insoles in your shoes to help take some of the stress off your knees and give your feet, legs, and knees the support they need. 


If you’re wanting to find some natural ways to reduce your knee pain, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.