Some interesting ways to reuse the old paper bags in your home

With an increasing number of customers going through online outlets for their products, direct to home deliveries are becoming more prominent. Paper bags and tape are being used to package our goods and this often leads to a lot of waste that needs recycling. Keep reading to find out how to recycle the leftover packaging from your deliveries.


Send your packaging off to the correct recycling facilities

For many individuals recycling can be a nightmare. If only it were as simple as sending it off to one location; there are numerous different recycling logos that must be recognised in order to make sure your waste packaging gets recycled correctly. Keep this in mind when deciding how to recycle your packaging and paper bags.


Repurpose your old packaging into paper bags

Beyond their regular use as a shopping container, paper bags have a wide variety of applications that can help you find new uses for your waste.

One of the age-old tales is that paper bags can be used to ripen fruit! Simply leave your bananas and oranges in a paper bag to make sure they are perfect to eat. Equally, if you find a paper bag that’s robust enough they can be good for serving snacks to guests in your home.


Explore arts and crafts with your old packaging

Paper bags come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and this makes them a great product for arts and crafts! Finding paper bags in vibrant colours will enable you to create wonderful collages.

Our top tip is to keep the paper bags intact to maintain their useful life. From this, you can use stickers, pens and stencils to add some personalisation to your paper bags.


Base your paper creations on great examples of paper bags

If you are interested in creating well-designed paper bags to be reused around your home then it is essential you follow the example of an expert paper bag manufacturer to make sure you create the best bag for you.