Tips To Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Winter’s Chill

Fall is the best time to get out in the yard and begin preparing for the harsh temperatures of Winter.  Your lawn and garden need special attention to come out on the other side of the cold without a struggle.  


Winter can be tough on lawns, flowers, and young trees.  It’s important that you protect your yard, so you may reap the benefits of excellent landscaping in the Spring.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home’s exterior for the chills of Winter.  


It’s important to clear your gutters


When all the leaves of Fall begin to… well… fall, it’s important that you clean up after nature.  Allowing dead leaves to sit stagnant in your gutters and downspouts can lead to some issues over time.  


When the temperatures outside fall, the dead leaves in your gutters will freeze.  The frozen material will not only block the gutters from properly functioning, it can cause damage to the structure of your gutters/downspouts.  

You should also be checking your gutters for other sorts of debris like shingles or sand-like substances that are a tell sign of your roof deteriorating. It would be a very good idea to look into using Denver roofing companies or a company in your area to fix any roofing damage before the coming winter months. 

Clear the debris from your landscape


The land around your home is just as important as the home itself.  The value of your property includes the actual property, and it pays to properly maintain the land.  Fall is a good time to clean up the yard and clear debris from the landscape.  


If you don’t have the time or ability to properly prepare your yard, it’s worth investing in a professional landscaper to get the job done before it’s too late.  You may think Fall is a dead time for your natural surroundings, but it’s a pivotal time in the maturity of your yard.  


Lay mulch over garden beds and tree bases


Laying a thick layer of mulch over your garden beds and around the base of your young trees will help protect the life in your yard.  Mulch provides an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem.  


If everything in your yard dies through the Winter, you’ll have to invest more to get your land looking great when Spring has sprung.  Take precautionary steps, and save yourself some money. 


Fertilize your lawn once more 


Fall is actually a great time to add some fertilizer to your lawn.  The rains of the season will help saturate your yard with all the goodness offered in a quality fertilizer, and the lawn will be strengthened to survive through the cold of Winter.  


Insulate outdoor water pipes/faucets


If you have spigots outside, it helps to insulate them.  Depending on where you live, temperatures can drop (and remain) below freezing on a regular basis.  You’ll want to take steps to keep your exterior water sources from freezing, so you don’t have to repair damage to your exterior pipes.