Retire Happily by Choosing the Right Place to Live

Moving from one city to another often signifies huge change. For someone who has just retired and planning to live the life they always have with lesser income, change is inevitable. So why not add a new dimension to your retired life and tell you about the best countries to live in for older people.

Is moving the right thing?

If you are nearing retirement or have just retired, you already know that your life is going to take a full 180-degree turn. Your income will be far lesser, but you will have a lot more free time at your disposal. Living at a place that is devoid of a fast-paced lifestyle, where you can live comfortably is essential for your health and happiness.

Especially if you don’t have all the necessary amenities and facilities near your home, moving to a place with all these things is essential after retirement. Places with access to hospitals and care centers (like Care for family), grocery stores, and recreation centers can make retirement more enjoyable and comfortable. It is also possible to find peace and tranquility when you live in a place with a slower-paced lifestyle.

The cost and standard of living change drastically when you move from one place to another. For instance, moving from the UK to Thailand or Vietnam could be a great option for many people as it can provide them more peace, better bang for their buck (because of exchange rates) and may even signal the beginning of a new phase of their life.

What to keep in mind?

At the time of retirement, you may have to look for a place that is less polluted, has higher standards of living, better healthcare, and ranks higher on the happiness index. For example, you can move to a senior living facility offered by Chelsea Senior Living ( or any similar place closer to you. If you want to shift to another country, may need to find out the average life expectancy of the country, the kind of food and culture it has, and the type of communities that live there. Since you have worked your whole life, you can now decide to live in Japan and fishing every day or may consider a quiet retreat somewhere near the alps. The choice is yours!

Where to go?

The options for living spaces may also come in fairly varied numbers. You may enjoy the options of buying, renting, or leasing different types of homes as per your convenience and wish. In addition, if you have a mobile or modular home, you could even have it transported to another, more convenient location after seeking authorization from concerned government bodies. You could enjoy the facilities of mobile home moving in Alberta, as well as many other places, should you come by the right people to do it for you.

Your options for living abroad would be determined by your choices, the savings you have in place, your VISA, the local government of the place you want to move to, and similar other factors. Certain countries may even have programs to accept immigrants which could result in mutual benefits in the long term.

When it comes to providing a safe and happy space for retirees, Finland ranks at the top. With an average life expectancy of 81.9 years, this cold but beautiful paradise is the place where you can live comfortably and finally pay attention to the hobby or ambition you have been delaying for so long. According to AgeUKMobility, Finland offers more safety, a higher ranking on the happiness index, and a great healthcare system as well.

It ranks Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Belgium as other great places to spend your retired life. These countries sport commendable public infrastructure, especially related to health, which is critical for retirees. They also have a better environment, a lively public sphere, and strong and stable governments.

If you are a British citizen, you are already living in one of the top 20 most suitable places to live for retirees. However, if you are planning to move, then going eastwards towards the European Union would be a great step. If you are planning to move across the Atlantic, then Canada will be a far better option than the US, which ranks far below in the table. If you want to give a fresh start to life, away from the hustle-bustle on Europe and the Americas, move to Australia or New Zealand.

Have you decided where you are moving yet?