Choosing the right material for your promotional reusable bags

If you’re wanting to invest in paper bags for your business, either to provide to customers or for marketing purposes then you may be a little stuck when deciding on a material.

There are plenty of options, from non-woven PP bags to cotton bags, which can make the decision challenging. We’ve highlighted some things you should consider before choosing the material for your bags.


  1. Purpose of the bag

When choosing your bags, the key question you should be asking is “who is the bag for, and what is its intended use?”

This can help you to establish which material is the best option much more quickly! You should consider:

a) Does it need to be waterproof?
b) Will it be holding heavy or potentially sharp items?
c) How eco-friendly does the bag need to be?
d) What is the desired function of the bag? E.g. carrying a gift, or for shopping.

If you want your bags to be waterproof, then you should choose a bag which is laminated. If it will carry heavy items, then a heavy-duty material such as jute is the best option. If it is merely a gift bag, then paper may be the most practical option.


  1. Budget

It’s good to get an idea of what your budget for your bags is, and what you can get for that budget both in terms of material and in the number of units.

This is also dependant on what the purpose of your bag is, as mentioned above. Jute is often more expensive than cotton but if you are after durability then it is worth paying more for this material to ensure increased strength.

  1. Bag design

These days, the customisation options for bags and other items are endless. Various printing methods allow you to add your unique design and branding to your chosen bags to really make them stand out. Screen printing is becoming common amongst many e-commerce platforms with screen printing management strategies likely to be implemented on a grander scale in the future.

However, when considering which bags to opt for you should also have a think about the design that you want on it as different

  • Silk screen printing is suitable for most materials, including non-woven PP, cotton, jute and rPET. This method allows for intricate designs printed in perfect detail with single print colours.
  • Heat transfer gives a photo quality finish, and is essentially like tattooing material. This method can also be used on most materials.
  • Full colour process printing is best for woven or non-woven bags and is more suited to digitally created art work where you need 100% coverage of an area. It enables great creativity and can really make a bag pop.

By considering these steps, you can ensure you choose the best material for your promotional bags no matter the occasion.