Should You Customize Your Home to Get the Best Buyer

This is the season for home shopping. But research suggests that homeowners who alter their house to fit buyers’ tastes can often hurt rather than help their cause and get a much lower selling price in the process.

One study found that an expensive renovation made no difference in whether a house sold faster or for a higher price. Another found that homes with recently renovated kitchens sold for a lower price than identical houses that hadn’t been updated.

What are some essential things to remember if I am selling my home?

If you are looking to sell your home, it is essential to remember that the more unique and personal touches you add, the better. If the home is more remarkable, there will be a larger market of buyers interested in purchasing it.

For example, if you live in a neighborhood with all the same color and style, try to make your home stand out by painting an accent wall or adding window box plants, and or even taking down some of the barriers to adding a more open design.

If you are looking to buy a home, you will want to have your home ready for showings. While it may be tempting to make small and cheap changes before selling your home, doing so can be costly in the long run. You never know who is going to walk through your door when trying to sell your home. For example, if you are selling a house as is, but the person who walks through your door wants to buy it “as-is,” they will not want to do any repairs. You will be left doing all of the work yourself or hiring someone at your own expense when trying to sell. Anyways, it can be useful if you get your repairs such as a faulty tap or a broken pipe beforehand. You may want to look for a plumber to get that done and googling ‘plumber Sydney‘ or ‘plumbers near me’ can come in handy.

While making small changes can be tempting, you will want to keep the bigger picture in mind. If you would like to be home for the holidays this year, it is essential to remember that buyers are ready and willing to buy your home before Christmas.

How adding a splash of color with paint help in customizing my home?

One way to customize your home is by adding a splash of color with paint on an accent wall or in one room but if you don’t want to commit to a large-scale change or paint the whole house, think outside the wall by adding color on trim with tape.

Think of it as art that’s easy to take off when you’re ready for a change – and can be done in just an afternoon. Figure out the color scheme for each room before you start. Using a color wheel or flowcharting program, pick two complementary colors that look good together.

Prime the wall with an oil-based primer to create a smooth surface for the paint and tape, and use more primer than average around small areas. The extra coverage ensures crisp edges for your lines, but it also creates a barrier between you and the paint.

Cover everything in the room – furniture, flooring, or anything else you don’t want to be painted. Many stores sell painter’s tape that lets you pick from various colors, but if you’re going to be changing your mind a lot, choose neutral colors. Also, make sure your ceiling is thoroughly covered; many projects end in fresh paint on the top.

Then bring out your color wheel and decide how you want to use it in the room. If you’d like a linear look, tape one color along an edge of a border or wall – say, chair rail or crown molding. If you want to focus on just one area, such as a ceiling or window, cut the tape into smaller lengths and wrap it around what you’re covering.

What is some other way for me to customize my home?

Another way is by installing new flooring – hardwood, laminate, or carpet – for a fresh look. If you already have either of these flooring types, it’s probably more economical to just clean and polish them or take advantage of the offer that most laminate manufacturers now have – a regular service contract that cleans and polishes your floor at minimal cost every few months.

It may also be possible to apply an oil finish – or wax – yourself, but most people don’t have the time or inclination for such an exercise. So it’s probably best to consider calling in a pro when you want to clean and polish your floors regularly.

How do I update my kitchen?

You can also update the kitchen with new countertops and appliances. While at it you can also choose from the various options, ranging from quartz to granite slabs phoenix or elsewhere. This can be a fun DIY project or have a professional kitchen remodeler do the work.

If you choose to go the DIY route, consider using butcher block countertops in your kitchen. Butcher block is not as hard to maintain as some belief. It just requires that you treat it with oil regularly and seal it every few months.

Next, install some new synthetic granite countertops in your kitchen. These modern materials tend to be just as durable as natural stone countertops and may rarely require any maintenance. You can also paint butcher blocks to match the look of your kitchen cabinets or choose a contrasting color for a more dramatic effect.

Finally, replace your old appliances with new ones. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, there are many affordable options in the home improvement store.

Is adequate lighting important?

Make sure there’s plenty of light in every room so buyers will be able to see all of your unique features! Not that we’re designed to see in the dark. Our amazing brains were built for day-to-day life, which means they’re not great at seeing in near darkness. That’s why you should make sure there’s plenty of light, so buyers will be able to see everything about your home – including its flaws!

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