What patterns work well on printed tissue paper?

Increasingly, as our shopping habits have changed dramatically in the last 2 years it is important businesses keep up with how consumers are buying their products. The pandemic has led to an astronomical rise in online shopping compared to physical shopping, as high streets and shops were forced to close for extended periods of time. Therefore, proper wrapping and packaging of products has become more and more important with the rise in online orders. This means there are different ways businesses can add value to what they have to offer, through added extras and adding value to their products. Offering these little touches alongside your products is a great way to be remembered amongst customers, and more likely to increase repeat business and increase brand awareness through word of mouth promotion as they inform others of what you have to offer. Businesses should consider printed tissue paper as an option to offer alongside what they have already.

There are many different patterns that can be designed on printed tissue paper, as outlets such as the Paper Bag Co have a wide variety of printed tissue paper available for businesses to order. Coming in different quantities and sizes, the design is completely up to you in terms of what you want to put on there whether it is your business tagline or logo or message you want to portray. Another bonus of printed tissue paper is it is a great way to merchandise and promote your business further, similar to other merchandise such as bags or any additional products you can offer. Through promoting your business this way, it can be effective in increasing your awareness in the market. This blog will discuss the different patterns that work well on printed tissue paper, so keep on reading to find out more!

Printed tissue paper – patterns

Printed tissue paper is highly customisable, as you can personalise what you want on there, whether this be any writing or logos, or what colour you want it to be. The best thing to consider when looking at ordering printed tissue paper is how it can best complement the products you have to offer and whether you want to promote your business further there as well. For example, if you are in the arts and crafts industry, then I am sure you are aware of printed tissue paper already, but this is a great way to package your products as it makes what you are offering more presentable and appealing to customers. Whilst at the same time being protective of what the customer has purchased. An added bonus of printed tissue paper is that it is not only recyclable but reusable as well, as it is commonly used for other creative projects that any individual may wish to embark on. Also being reused to repackage other presents to family and friends, branding your printed tissue paper can be a great way to increase brand awareness. Paper Bag Co offers a great variety of different patterns to the highest quality, when it comes to printed tissue paper so you will be reassured that you are getting what you pay for!