Struggles That Only Tall People Understand

While many people may dream about being a few inches taller, they don’t realize that there are certain struggles that only people of a certain height can understand. Along with the so-called “gift” of height, also come daily frustrations.

Here are some of the problems tall people have that no one else could possibly understand.

Crammed Leg Room

Whether it’s on an airplane or sitting on a toilet, no one knows the importance of leg room like a tall person. Being taller than the average person means that most ordinary things like chairs and car seats simply aren’t spacious enough for their long legs. Everything is uncomfortable!

For tall people who work in an office, working comfortably at a desk is something you can forget about. You’ll likely need to make adjustments or bring in your own furniture if you hope to get any work done. Of course, it is not possible to carry your own desk and chair to office everyday. That is unless, you are a freelancer or someone who works from home most of the time who has the best kind of office furniture with them (that suits their needs), at home! And if you are one of them, try looking at sites like SERP, who might be help you get your fix of your desired office furniture and supplies.

Bending Down Constantly

When you’re taller than everyone else, you have to bend down anytime you want to greet them, let alone hear them.

There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to have a conversation with a much shorter person and having to bend to their level each time that they say something. You’re better off having conversations sitting down. Unfortunately, in that case, you’re back to square one with no leg room!

People Asking For Your Help Constantly

When someone needs to reach an item high on a shelf or change a lightbulb, who do you think they’re going to ask first? That’s right, you guessed it. They ask the tall person. Unfortunately, over time, it starts to feel like free labor for tall people. Doesn’t anyone own a ladder?

Basketball References

A lot of people assume just because you’re tall, that you must play basketball. Sadly, it doesn’t go hand in hand. Otherwise, all tall people would be in the NBA.

Clothes That Never Fit

Tall people need to resort to stores with names like “Tall and Huge” or “MISTER XL” Forget about going into a regular store and finding a pair of pants that don’t fit you like you’re dressing for a flood. As far as shirts, you can forget about lifting your arms up without exposing your belly, which may not be a pretty sight in everyone’s case.


When you’re vertically above average, people love to crack jokes. Unfortunately, most of the jokes are recycled, and tall people have heard them over and over.

People love saying, “How’s the weather up there?” or, “What do you eat for breakfast?”

Over time it can start to make a tall person want to bang their head up against a wall. A very tall wall.