Tough Wedding Decisions: Where and When

So you know you’re going to get married. You thought it was tough asking your partner the question when you proposed. But now, details may get even more difficult. You have to decide about the wedding. Where is it going to be? And when is it going to be? The answers to those two questions can drastically change the course of the event.

So, when you get to that stage of your decision-making, there are many different things to consider. The two major considerations will be if you want the wedding to be close to you, or if you want it to be far away. As far as when the ceremony should be, there are several different things to keep in mind. First, you want to give yourself enough time to coordinate the wedding details. Second, you want to have it when everyone can come.

Deciding Where

Deciding where to have your wedding creates a puzzle for you. There are budget considerations. There are concerns regarding how many people you expect to attend the ceremony. There are thoughts about how many people are going to be at the reception. There are decisions about how far you want to travel to get to the wedding. Many people choose to have a destination wedding because it filters down some of the more complicated decisions.

Choosing When

Then there is a matter of the best time to have a wedding. Usually, people break this down by season. If you’re going to get married, what kind of environment do you see behind yourself? Do you envision a summer scene? Do you see autumn leaves behind you? Are you one of those unique couples that think that having a wedding in the winter would be something that creates the appropriate environment for you and your partner? Once you’ve decided the season, then it comes down to other considerations like what sorts of venues are available on specific dates.

Letting the Pros Handle the Hard Stuff

If you don’t want to make these decisions on your own about where and when to have your wedding, maybe you should let the professionals handle it. If you hire a wedding planner and give them an approximate idea of what you want, they can take that seed of a concept and turn it into a massive success for you with limited stress. For many people, that is why the cost of a wedding planner is worth it. They might be doing this for years with the help of their own diy wedding planner binder and know their way around finding the best for us.

Keeping Stress Levels Low

As you are making these wedding decisions, one of the most important things to do is keep your stress levels at a minimum. Weddings can cause anxiety. It’s a major life decision to get married. And then there are a ton of details to try and handle because you want your wedding day to be perfect. This tension is a recipe for a lot of distraction and frustration, and that can often get in the way of the enjoyment that should be surrounding your joyous occasion.