What to Expect from Holiday Parks in Devon

By now, you’ve probably heard of the handful of holiday parks in Devon. They’re major attractions for UK residents and travelers abroad alike, and there’s a good reason for that; they have a ton to offer.

However, if you’ve never visited the parks, you probably have no idea what to expect.

Don’t worry. We’re here to give you a pretty good rundown of the best the parks have to offer.

1: Four-in-One Excitement

First off, you won’t be just going to just one park. At least, you won’t have to. The Devon holiday parks are connected by the same ownership. When you purchase your stay at one, you gain access to all of them for the duration of your stay.

Now, the parks aren’t all connected. There are brief drives between them, but they each offer something extremely different with their various themes and available activities. So, it’s like going to four vastly different resorts without all of the high costs that would typically be involved with that.

2: Caravan-Friendly

The living arrangements at each holiday park are far above par, but if you’d like to have a more intimate, and cost-effective experience, you are more than welcome to bring a camper van and rent one of the available camper van spots. The parks are all highly accommodating of caravans, and you’ll find all the hookups and commodities you need to make your stay comfortable while you enjoy the activities available.

3: Activities

One of the hardest parts of going on a holiday is planning out all the activities you want to do without spreading them so far out that you have to waste time traveling nonstop between destinations.

At the Devon holiday parks, you don’t have to worry about that. There is a ton on offer right within the confines of the parks. Each park is filled to the brim with opportunities to go fishing, hiking, swimming in waterparks, horseback riding, dining and drinking at the finest pubs, and even spending a day on the beach. You’ll never run short of things to do, and better yet, all of those activities are in one place.

4: The Surrounding Area

As much as the holiday parks have to offer, there’s no denying that Devon itself is teeming with opportunities. As such, anyone staying at the holiday parks should branch out a bit and explore the surrounding area.

First, you have Beer and Lyme Bay. This is a small, coastal village highlighted by cliffs of lyme, and the locals are known for their stellar brews and traditional British cuisine.

Then, there are the sandy coves just outside of the parks nestled in greenery for you to enjoy a more isolated experience.

Finally, one of the most attractive activities to do out on the town is to check out the gastro pubs. You can go through the Top 50 Gastro Pubs list to find the best, but the Jack in the Green Inn is a nearby spot that offers one of the most unique takes on traditional British food.