Why Prevention is Always Better than Cure

It’s a phrase which is often used beyond the medical and health industries, that being how prevention is better than cure, but why exactly is that? Once you look at it from a more practical point of view, as explored below, you will hopefully make more positive changes in your life which suggest that you give more emphasis to prevention that cure. So here’s why:

It’s cheaper

Doctors are perhaps justifiably some of the highest paid professionals in the world still, but that mainly just speaks to the urgency of the demand for their skills as well as the medical supplies which form part of the industry at large. To put it simply, prevention is better than cure because it’s cheaper to prevent any medical condition than to treat it.

It’s easier to protect than to repair

Think of a torn ligament or muscle in consideration of the difficulty level associated with its healing process versus preventing damage in the first place. It’s much easier to perhaps hit the gym, stretch and do exercises that prevent this kind of damage than to have to heal from the injury, and that works with illnesses too.

Complications are avoided altogether

It’s a rather unfortunate fact of the medical industry that many people who go on to leave us behind on this planet die as a result of complications which arise around the contraction and treatment of the primary ailment they’re suffering from. If you avoid getting that ailment altogether then you avoid any possible complications, which is just another reason why prevention is always better than cure.

Breathing-room for optimal discovery

When you apply the prevention-is-better-than-cure approach to your health, you open yourself up to a whole new world of discovery. If you’re not working in “emergency mode” in this way to get over a disease and get your health back, you have breathing room to discover much better ways of keeping the illnesses you’re trying to avoid away. It’s likely not even a specific set of illnesses you’re trying to avoid contracting, but just any and all illnesses which can be taxing to have to deal with. So you’re taking care of your immune system so that it stands strong against as many possible ailments as possible.

This is how you get that breathing space to discover optimal ways of keeping healthy, such as how you might try out Echinacea and give the herb enough time for you to benefit from the effects of its use.

Consider it from the point of view of being in a doctor’s office and being presented with treatment options, undoubtedly pretty heavy on the pocket, versus being able to choose how you’re going to go about boosting your immunity to fend of possible diseases. The former option leaves you with virtually no time to consider the different options available to you, which won’t be that many in any case, while the latter basically gives you all the time and space in the world to find the best option.